Psychic Origin Healings

$ 197.00



Is it time to create real change in your life? Psychic Origin Healing- gets to the seed source of creation and gets it and clears it out once and for all – No more blocks!

This is a one – time clearing!

What is provided:

1) Change your negative contracts, past and present and future-written in your Akashic record – $160-$280 value

2) Remove negative cords-past life and present or entity attachments-$140 to $320 value

3) Clear chakras one through twelve – $60 to $120 value

4) Soul purpose re-attachment or activation – $80 value

5) God Source connection from the 33rd dimension of reality – $80 value

6) Intuition clearing for the third eye, pituitary gland, and well of dreams – $60 to $120 value

7) Abundance clearing in Akashic record – $80 to $280 value

8) Mend heart tears and fix aura leaking – $60 to $100 value

9) Assist in physical manifestation healings-often priceless

10) Individualized clearing as per instructed by my healing Guides-for any unforeseen blocks or obstructions – $60 to $120 dollar

To get a complete clearing all these areas must be done- it takes 90 minutes and your desire to change your entire life.

No need to piece meal your intuitive self – clear everything at once.


Internet offer: All for just $ 197.00