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Not sure how to stand in your own empowerment? Do you know what your Spiritual Authority is? Today….unleash your Real potential and re-discover who you truly are!

Ascension Soul Wisdom hosted by Rev. James Ellis features inspirational interviews with thought leaders and experts in sharing compelling, and exciting topics to create a greater understanding of the subject and how it relates to our world today. Join host Rev. James Ellis in exploring all things spiritual and transformational with his unique holistic approach. As the inspiring Intuitive practitioner of the Origin Healing Techniques, Rev. James will intuitivly guide, educate, and provide greater service to others who have chosen to “Live” their Soul Purpose.


Reiki Master Teacher, Universal Mind Channel, Certified Hypnotist, Ascension Specialist. Clairvoyant Rev. James Ellis is an ordained Minister specializing in Holistic Living, and is a Spiritual Intuitive Counselor, which he has been for over a decade, providing assistance in Soul Purpose Activations for individuals that are seeking soul growth. His integrative practice offers comprehensive healing expansion from the 144th dimension of reality for Soul Ascension, The God Source Connection, Ascension Empowerments, and Intuitive Guidance that is tailored to meet the needs of each individual.

Rev. James proven methods of working with the body, mind, and spirit uncover and resolve the vast array of common and complex issues that inhibit many in living an empowered life they desire. Rev. James has been providing Real solutions for real people, in exploring all things Spiritual and transformational with his Unique Holistic approach that make sense in today world.