John Lennon wrote the lyrics Mother Mary has come to me, speaking words of wisdom- let it be.

I did a show on Tuesday August 19th and Mother Mary came to me, speaking words of wisdom. I became completely ungrounded and was flushed with this intense saturation of divine love. Unlike I had experienced before. It felt as if I was kissed and the essence of her love kept reverberating through me.

I am always open to all my healings and activations and some seem more powerful than others. Mary  came to me and touched my very core – I welcomed and embraced her love and every cell in my body was infused in her divine love it was difficult to finish the show. That energy transmission is for everyone and can be listened to in my archives.

That night I energetically spoke with Mary’s essence and she told me she was leaving an imprint that would help people heal. I asked her what I would need to do to cause this healing for others. She told me healing would occur to everyone energetically that I spoke with through the tonality of my voice. I was deeply humbled. 

The human aspect of me wanted a method so that everyone would know her energy was at work healing. Mary joyfully told me to just surrender to the knowing she was healing all through my voice.  It was not necessary to make claim to a process or how or that it was her energy doing the healing.  She did not want people to be confused by thinking that they would need a process to obtain healing.

That makes it easy for me because I just have a new connection to a depth of love that allows me to share love more authentically.  I have great joy it feels wonderful.  I go forward and I am humbled in the knowing that divine love is available for me to share with everyone; Source/God brings divine love into my life and Mary now assists me in helping others.

These holy connections are available for everyone. It takes clearing and practice to bring in these higher vibrations. I am a human just like you; I have just freed myself from the cords or illusions that are not in my best and highest interest. With practice joy and love which are the creation of higher energies become easier to maintain and new growth is ever coming in. It becomes a very fun and inspired life.

I once felt vulnerable when telling people my truths and now I am empowered and fearless. I know my truths and in that I can share my truths without any need for others validation. You do not need to accept my truths as yours; you need to accept your truth as your own. By me living my truth, I hope to emulate an example of a choice on how you can happily live too.

To say Mother Mary came to me is one of my truths. Open to the gentle essence of love and ask Mother Mary to come to you and allow for her love bless you. You can connect with her and you can see and hear messages from her, just surrender to her love.

Be perfect Love Always

Rev James

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