Life and How to Master It!

There are many methods and blogs out in circulation on how to “master Life”. I don’t want this to be just another one. I want this to be information that most people can understand. I want people to walk away with a new prospective on managing a never ending classroom of experiences. All life is change and experience.

Every day you wake up you are in a new day of experience. The first lesson in mastering life is to stop fearing change and start embracing change.  Every person born, has an innate ability to not fear. We come into this life at birth and we do not fear all are needs are intended to be met. We are not fearful of where we are to get food from, or if we are loved, or are we pretty etc. If you are reading this you probably mastered the experience of childhood.

The problem in the mastering of your childhood is that it sets us up, for the rest of our human experience. Some of us learn moments after birth to fear change; others of us learn it later in our childhood.  It is through conditioning that a person learns to have a disposition towards change. I find many adults do not know how to even have fun. Most adults are not sure what they enjoy. Most adults fear change. Most adults do not realize they have been going through change every day of life since birth.

There is a period in every person’s life when life held fascination and awe inspiring thought. It may have been a very,very short period but even in a poor childhood environment we had some moments of joy inspiring revelations, despite our upbringing.  Going back and correcting the false methods of conditioning can open you to awe inspiring change.  

The question then becomes how.  It is a process and cannot be done in thirty minutes or less.  It also depends on how crazy your up bringing was.  A child who grew up in an abusive household may have an easier road to recovery than the child who had a good childhood but was programmed to subservient behavior. The path to mastering life is still the same, it is through self discovery. In surrendering to change fearlessly and rediscovering your authentic truth and with forgiveness you will truly learn to master your life.

We are fostered in to compliant behavior to another’s authority from birth and it is in the release and uncovering your truths freedom is found.  If you are looking anywhere for happiness, life’s meaning, peace, tranquility, your purpose, or mastering life outside of yourself – you are on the wrong path. If you accept what one tells you as your truth you are not living fulfilled truth! A teacher, parent or friend can be a guide to your authentic truths but it is when you know it is your choice alone, to accept the information as your truth do you start to master life

The process is arduous at times because there may be many layers to discovery. The process is called many things, mastering life, enlightenment, etc..   It is in the discovery; you are the reason you are experiencing everything you have experienced and will experience, even if you did not consciously or directly ask for it. 

The mastering of life comes in the discovery that you can provide a change if you are not wanting an experience.

The most enlightened people know to surrender to change, let go of fault or blame through forgiveness, offer peace through knowing your authentic truth and allow grace to support you by providing you with the correct people, opportunities, or situations to get your best and highest experiences. Let go of all fear and if you made a choice that needs correcting; seek to know why and learn and register it so you do not make the same errors. 

Learning to know your authentic self is a process, it start by reviewing your likes and dislikes and what makes is fun, happy, joyful, loving, etc and making  a lists in writing. Find in your childhood where you, lost your inner child – out of self preservation or naivety and forgive your inner child and the fostering, people, situations and behaviors that do not sever you anymore.

Holding on to hurt denies you your happiness (forgive, not forget).  After forgiveness and with time you will remember very little and the people, situations and behaviors will hold less and less charge and eventually no charge.  The more you learn to love yourself and know what you do and do not want to experience; the easier it will be to make changes and center you into mastering your life.

That’s the process- introspection of false beliefs that deny you individuality, creativity, happiness, or ideas that make you subservient are a good starting point. Take one area and create change and see how it changes your life. One area of change at a time will be one step closer to becoming a Master. Having happiness, peace, joy , etc  is amazing and you alone are the creator of your experiences.  If you need assistance to get through it faster, seek a professional you can trust.

Be Love Always

Rev James

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