I suggest, if you do not meditate you should start. I could write pages and pages about meditation. I could write about the most amazing experiences I have had, when I meditate. I could tell you of the many methods out there, available on the internet.  I really just want to tell you to meditate. Do it for your own spiritual growth, do it for the health benefits, do it because it is fun. I really don’t care why you start. I only care if I can get you to learn and practice meditating

I believe we should instill the practice of meditation in early childhood. The mental, physical, spiritual, and health benefits are beyond measure. There is a lot of scientific data telling of the benefits of meditation; but there are benefits that are beyond the scientific communities’ ability to even measure. I truly love my practice of daily meditation.

I grew spiritually by the practice of meditation and now I get spiritual guidance every day. I actually get messages that help me in every aspect of my life. I through meditation have created and manifested  my life in to existence.  Yes, meditation is the path to true abundance.  You are probably thinking how can meditation help someone to gain financial abundance?  I am here to tell you it can help in the area of finances and many other areas of your life too. We are the creators of our lives through choice. Meditation brings clarity to every choice. The more you do it the easier it is to access your authentic truth and create reality.

I have heard every reason why people do not meditate. I believe all of them are false. If you can think -you can meditate. I hear people say they cannot quite their mind. I don’t have time. I always think and get distracted.  People with ADHD can even benefit from the practice of meditation. Some meditation techniques are good for some people and others are better for others.  It really depends on you.

If you cannot quite your mind use a guided meditation. If you cannot sit still do a short meditation. If you fall asleep every time you meditate, then sleep before you meditate.  The length and time you put into meditation is by choice. When you have meditated daily for years it feels odd, not to meditate. It is very similar to exercise the more you do it, the easier and better your experiences will be.

I can tell you many methods of meditation. I suggest you start with the simplest methods first. Meditation can be as short as a few minutes to several hours. Some people meditate for days. I find waking up in the morning before even getting out of bed, is a great time to do your first meditation of the day.  It can be for five to fifteen minutes. You can protect your light energy body; you can ground and center your energy at the same time as you meditate. Meditation each morning can help you to center joy, that you can imprint into your psyche to last throughout the day.

There are many how to meditate blogs-so I am going to let you choose what is best for you. Remember, you can take classes, use guided meditations, go on retreats, or use the free internet.  Meditation can be as short as 5 minutes. There are no reasons not to meditate.  Love yourself enough to learn, and if you can’t do that do it for me-lol

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev James

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