I am always telling people to connect into their own higher self. Everyone has their own abilities. I have outlined methods that allow people to do the work I do, at the level of their capabilities. Then why seek out people like me?  We are all unique and we all have our own abilities and as we strengthen them we grow. If people did everything without direction or teachers there would be mass chaos or underdevelopment.  I just as scientists have chosen an area of study. People come to me because I have cleared my path before them and I have the ability to Help.

When you really operate from love service is not a chore; it is a choice. I in my happiness cannot honor myself by denying others.  I cannot honor myself by being passive in my knowledge. I would fail to know my truths if I did not share them. I would fail humanity if I did not become all I am to become.  To enlighten a population is very difficult but to enlighten you inner circle of friends and acquaintances is to enlighten your world.

Many people are awaking and some have the fortitude to experience divine truth. It is a process and Guru’s, mystics, priesthood’s, soothsayers and secret societies have been the teachers, in the past. The knowledge kept secret for in knowing, is and was the possibility of power, control and corruption.  We have seen how our world has gotten so corrupt that they are not able to deny it anymore.  All because of hidden agendas and secret knowledge. Enlightenment frees one from that grip.  For the first time in history the ability to openly reveal the truth is here.

The truth is you have the ability to create any possibility, you want.  You are an aspect of the the Great “I AM”, God, Source, Heavenly Father, The God of your understanding.  It is not in religion you find God; it is from within your soul connection you find God and all your gifts and abilities.

My truth should not be your truth, but in knowing truth we have the union and connection to all oneness, in union of true understanding. It is huge and changes all who walk down the path. People come to me to be freed and with my insight and gifts I help them jump forward in growth. I cannot do the work for them but I can clearly see what I am allowed to do and share to help them move forward and grow.

A psychic reading or healing is a gift to allow you choices; it allows you to have and know divine love, happiness, peace, joy, freedom.  It also allows you not to make choices that might cause you less hardship or discourse. It may allows clearing, healing and and with activation’s and healing s you may clear many layers of conscious and unconscious programming.

 A gifted intuitive always teaches and even the most advanced psychics are always reaching new levels of learning. If someone thinks they know it all or claim theirs’ is the only way –walk away. No one is God. No Angles, Guides or Ascendant Masters, etc know everything. We are all limited to our own knowing.  They path we have walked may give us much wisdom but only Source God is all knowing.

To know your truth; starts by you being perfect love always and allowing your soul connection to bring forth what is in your best and highest interest, with ease and grace. The highest levels of life fulfillment and the highest levels of enlightenment are gifted through grace only. Clearing the path is the process. 

I present the path I walked down. My abilities may be more than yours now but a great teacher is superseded by allowing their student to be and know all they know.  When the student is ready the teacher steps forward for your highest growth. If you surpass that knowledge than a new teacher will step forward, that is the process even with spiritual evolution. We are all student in some manner.

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev James

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