Ascension is the new word since 12-21-2012. What is different in your life since then?  The meaning of Ascension in a Metaphysical prospective is the Oneness Consciousness is available to be experienced by all.   The ever thinning vale of forgetfulness is almost gone. It really is a huge shift for all humanity.

On this earth and through a conscious effort of all the workers of light an activation or a shift in the total human consciousness has occured. Millions of people are awaking each year and the true shift into Gods’ willed perfect happiness is now available for all to experience and share.

Are things going better for you than a year ago? That does not necessarily mean financially. It means is your overall ability to be in “joy” or to experience happiness is more evident.  Are you able to handle change with more of an ease? Do you have a connection to our world that seems deeper?  Do you know you need to make changes but you’re unsure why? Are you more concerned about our planet, nature, food, water, animals or people? Are you unsure what you are doing is your purpose?

I have participated in the Ascension awaking, as a worker of light. I have done many things to help the earth.  I have made many efforts and taken actions to help other people, animals, and nature to move forward through this transition. All the while I too have been ascending to new levels of being awakened to the connection of all Oneness.

My guides have provided activations and attunements. I have done channelings, healings and clearings. I have worked to save nature. I have save animals.  I have been a leader, a teacher, and a student.  I have been growing and expanding at very rapid speed at times. I have held faith when I was confused or did not understand the changes.  I have used extreme levels of patience. I experienced and welcomed the Ascension 99% of the time from a state of happiness and joy.

 I have always known and I have always believed the Ascension is in everyone’s best and highest interest. My rallying cry and teaching to every person and for myself; is and has been “let this be in my best and highest interest and all it to occur with ease and grace”. It matters not what you are seeking but it matters that you are asking for what is in your best and highest interest.  If you ask in addition for ease and grace then it will be gifted with less discord.

I really try to live as I teach. It at times is difficult for me too. My guides don’t give me every answer because I don’t seek an answer for every question.  I don’t always listen to my guidance. I at times can be shallow, angry, self loathing, helpless, fearful, and rude. I indeed am human. I however recover quickly and re-center quickly and I do not have aversions to change or to the unknown. I welcome it especially because I live first and foremost seeking my best and highest and I am always allowing and seeing and welcoming what is in my best and highest interest with ease and grace. 

I do not know what is best for me only Source/ God knows all. I do identify what I believe I like and want and dream of. I never limit myself in asking for everything I want. I do conditionally limit all I ask for to be what is in my best and highest interest. I don’t want all the rest.  I of course want a mansion but a huge house can be a nightmare without the resources to maintain it. I will get a mansion when it is in my best and highest interest. Until then I am in gratitude for the space I am allowed, I am grateful for no discord associated with it. I am grateful for the dreams of what could be better than this. I am eager to allow what I manifest next. I am grateful I live joyfully almost all the time. I am grateful when I take the higher road and do not get caught in the trap or illusions of greed or ugliness. 

Ascension is so much more than I imagined and if you are just beginning; welcome growth that is in your best and highest interest with ease and grace. Be open to creating your authentic truth and happiness in every choice. Be open to something better no matter how good it is. Allow it to be gifted to you patiently and only if it is in your best and highest good. Most importantly share your love unconditionally. Always be in gratitude for everything. the good bad and ugly, all of that makes life and growth possible.

Ascension allows us access to the remembrance of our Divinity and to be the creators we are, choose wisely for the best experiences .

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev James


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