The diamond dome of protection method; it is a dome made of diamond. This is how you ask for this protection.

I call you in Archangel Michael

I ask you to surround me in a diamond dome of protection

Above and below and all around me and seal it.

So be it or Amen, Amen,Amen

These are such simple words but the action of doing the protection daily has an incredible effect. I have taught this method to hundreds of people. This protection prayer stops  negative energy from entering your space and attaching to your physical body. It protects your light body also, from entity attachment. No energy cords can penetrate and attach to you or your spiritual essence.

I have volunteered in nursing homes and adult facilities. I would leave not realizing all that was attached to me and I would bring home sad, lonely and desperate energy. I prayed for a protection method I could teach and use daily. Archangel Michael brought forward the method and words.

It is important to do this each morning. Many times we leave the physical body as we sleep and when we re-enter, we have transformed or changed our essence. Leaving the domes protection many times occur as a subconscious release. Should you forget to start your day protected do not fear, just say it when you remember. 

Be Perfect Love Always

Rev James

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