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Not sure how to stand in your own empowerment? Do you know what your Spiritual Authority is? Today….unleash your Real potential and re-discover who you truly are!

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ornament1 Welcome to our Prayer Line. We want to pray for those persons on your heart who need prayer.If someone you know or you would like to be on our prayer list please submit your prayer request In. The information submitted on this form will be shared with suitable prayers.

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I am available to travel and do teaching seminars, group channelings, or concerts. I travel regularly up and down the East coast. (no northern states from Nov thru April- sorry) If you would like me to do an activity in your home town; contact me and I may be able to come to your home town.

Other Services

ornament1Psychic Readings, Reiki and origin healing, Chakra clearing & Cord cutting, Ascension Life coaching,
Certified hypnotist/hypno-meditation, Feng Shui for your home and Pets. Tools for communicating with your Spirit Guides.

The Method and Technique to Connect to Your Spirit Guides


The Method of Psychic Connection to Your Spirit Guide

Learning to Channel

Learning to Channel

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The Method of Psychic Connection to Your Spirit Guide

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Blog Articles.

  • Rev. James

    Unleash Your Mind
    Release your
    Psychic Gift

    "Psychic healing is an ancient ability that has been used for thousands of years. Psychics can channel the psychic universal energy source to heal people, plants, and animals. They can use their psychic intuition to find "energy blocks" contained within parts of the body."
  • Rev. James

    Discover The
    Power Of

    "When you need guidance, a Psychic can reveal hidden truths that would otherwise be invisible to you, and that's is why it is common for people to seek Psychic advice. Asking an experienced Psychic for guidance is not only easy, but it is practical, effective, and very reliable."
  • Rev. James

    Discover Your Abilities
    Open Your Mind
    Live in Harmony.

    "Psychic healing can work for any kind of ailment or injury. The secret behind psychic healing is to create a mind-over-body experience. If you let the body have more power than the mind, you are a victim to your own body, and have no control over yourself. However, if you set your mind over your body, you can use your mind to control your body and exercise complete control over your physical self."